We are the manufacturers of peace-of-mind.

Every Traum Safe is built to stringent fire and burglary protection standards in Switzerland and Germany. We bring to your home the same security that banks and jewelers use and trust.

During installation, we will bolt your safe down from the inside so no one can lift or move your safe out of place.

Our safes can be can be integrated directly into your home alarm system for complete protection.

Traum Safe



The hallmark of Traum Safe is simplicity of use. In just one minute you can open your safe, put away your necklace and secure it until you are ready to wear it again.

Every Traum features a practical interior. Open your safe and pull out your drawers to reveal an organized array of your jewels and watches displayed beautifully in custom trays.

From interior lighting that illuminates your jewelry drawers to keypads that are angled up to face you, we make it as convenient as possible for you to access your jewelry and watches at a moment’s notice.

The advanced locks and innovative design of your Traum Safe will shut the world out but let you in with ease.



Gone are the days when your expensive jewelry has to be locked away in a bank or hidden in steel boxes throughout your house. With a Traum Safe you will finally be able to safeguard, organize and ENJOY each piece in your treasured jewelry collection all in the privacy and comfort of your home.

Your safe is tailored to your needs, from pedestals that raise your safe to a comfortable height to bespoke jewelry trays that fit even your most unusual pieces.

Every single finish of each safe is bespoke – no two Traum safes are the same. The exterior of your safe can be lacquered in the same opal-green shade of your favorite dress, or your interior can be handcrafted from the same Malabar teak wood found in your Rolls-Royce.



From initial inquiry to safe installation to client relations years after purchase, your information is kept strictly confidential.

To privately discuss your needs and safe options in-person, we can schedule an exclusive appointment at our showroom or we can meet you at your home.