Traum Safe watches



Behind the formidable armor of a Traum Safe lies a handcrafted interior designed to organize, display and secure every piece in your treasured collection.

Whether you need drawers to organize your jewelry, watch winders to power your automatic watches, shelving to store your expensive purses, trays for pen and coin collections or hooks for long chains, we will design the perfect interior for you. We ca also incorporate key-locked drawers for certain items or documents you want to keep private from others with access to the safe.

Conveniently placed on the back of the safe door is a mirror to help you try on your jewelry and look your best and specialized interior lighting will illuminate your dazzling collection as you slowly pull open each jewelry drawer.

You will find pleasure in using your safe every day and having all of your valuables arranged exactly how you like them. Your practical layout will allow you to put away and secure your earrings even if you have only half a minute to spare.

Traum Safe Jewelry



Our legendary jewelry trays allow you to organize and display every piece in your collection, from diamond hoops to delicate pearls.

Choose your trays from our extensive selection of standard designs and customize them to display your special pieces and sets.

Your rings will be displayed beautifully in cushions, your earrings will be organized in individual spaces, your cuffs and bracelets will be wrapped around soft pillows and your special necklaces will lay comfortably around forms.

Our experienced design team will help you select and design the perfect jewelry trays for your unique collection.



From the serious watch connoisseur to the weekend watch enthusiast, our bespoke safes will showcase and secure your entire collection.

Any of our safe models can be built with advanced watch winders that will precision-wind and display your automatic watches. We can include as many rows of watch winders as you need.

You will be able to control the direction and quantity of rotations per day based on your watches’ unique specifications.

Our custom watch trays will house the rest of your collection. We have trays with spaces to lay your watches flat and trays with cushions to strap your watches around.



Your safe should express your personality and blend seamlessly into the look, feel and design of your home. That is why we offer an extensive selection of only the finest lacquers, woods and leathers from which you can customize the finishes of your safe. If you prefer, we can match almost any color or wood sample provided to us.

The choices are yours, but we will work with you to choose the most thoughtful combination of finishes to elegantly decorate your custom jewelry safe. Our experienced team will help you in any way you need, from finding the exact shade of white that matches your walls to selecting the tray lining that makes your refined jewelry pop.

If you are already working with a designer, we can coordinate with them to ensure that all of the finishes complement your style and decor.



No more room in your closet to fit a safe or want to hide the safe from plain view? Ask us about custom cabinetry and special furniture pieces that we can build to house and disguise your safe.

From Biedermeier to Chinese parchment to leather trunks, our designs are endless. If you have a particular furniture piece in mind or want us to match an item that you already own, we would be happy to satisfy your request.

Our adjunct millwork services are also available to build out your room or closet to fit your safe perfectly into the design.

There is no project or custom request too large or too small for us to complete.  No matter what you dream up, we will work with you to make your vision become a reality.